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Leadership that goes beyond just talent

In a 100m sprint, a millisecond gap separates the winner from the rest! The business world is no different – there are many great candidates, but slight differences mean only one can be the right leader for your organization. The competition is fierce – but at Hunt Partners, we understand what is at stake.
We know where to look and what to look for, which makes all the difference, especially in dynamic, complex & globally connected environments.

Expect high-caliber solutions

Our experience, resources, and commitment transcend the transactional, delivering highly invested, personalized leadership advisory services, dedicated to our clients’ success. Using a consulting approach, our consultants act as real-time advisors to both the candidates, and the client. Our vast expertise in each major industry, along with our partners’ personal networks, help us determine the best-fit candidate based on personality traits, passion, ambition, as well as professional experience.

Make the leap with us

Why Hunt Partners?


We customize our strategy for each client, in context of the local market. We offer you the best of both world: Focused expertise in the emerging Indian and Asian markets, as well as global know-how and processes, assimilated through our international work experience.

Invested partnerships

Our senior partners lead each mandate, adding a high caliber of expertise at every step. Finding the right candidate is just a mid-point in your success journey – we understand. That’s why every project is a long-term partnership: We provide mentoring support throughout, from defining the role and strategy, to professional assessment, candidate comparisons, reference checks, compensation negotiation, and post-onboarding support.


True brand ambassadors

Our experience and expertise enable us to size up opportunities accurately, and envision the perfect candidate for the opening. We then serve as passionate ambassadors of your organization, presenting the advantages your opportunity offers in the most compelling and relevant light.

High-quality research

We embrace a bottom-up approach – we rigorously scour various companies, candidates, networks, and industry-relevant news and research articles for information that will lead us to top performers. The significant wealth of business intelligence gathered and presented to you before, during, and after the search process, enables you to take timely decisions based on actionable insights.

Indicative Assignments

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